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Product List GD8-12F(1-2)-ND
Product Summary:

Optical line multiplexers are cost-effective devices for extending multiple voice and data circuits over fiber optic links. China Tekway’s PDH optical line multiplexer can transmit -4E1/8E1/16E1 channels and one FULL rate 100Mbps Ethernet signal(optional), respectively, up to 120 kilometers (75 miles) over optical fiber. Typical users of optical line multiplexing equipment include transportation and utility companies, Internet service providers (ISPs) and carriers extending data and voice from SDH/SONET networks or backhauling cellular traffic.

As an option, the PDH multiplexer can be equipped with tekwayundant links and power supplies, ensuring transmission reliability and fail-safe operations.

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Many models can’t list all

Quick Specs

◆ Conforms to ITU G.703, G.742, G.823

◆ System diagnostics , dry contact and recognition alarms, and AIS alarm generation
◆ Setup, control, and diagnostics can be performed via SNMP management, and the Tekwayview management system
◆ Multiplexes four E1/Ethernet channels over a single link
◆ Transmission over multimode fiber optic cable, single mode fiber optic cable or WDM
◆ Optional secondary link provides automatic backup
◆ Optional tekwayundant power supply
◆ Hot swappable uplink modules


Reliable E1 transmission

Tekway’s PDH multiplexers transmit each of the E1 signals independently, so that the clock of each E1 channel is independent of the clock of any other E1 channel. The E1 interface can be 75Ω unbalanced or 120Ω balanced.

Various optical interfaces are available:

- 850 nm for use with multimode fiber

- 1310 nm for use with multimode fiber

- 1310 nm or 1550 nm laser for extended range over single mode fiber

- single fiber option

Also available are the card versions with central SNMP management, for mounting in the rack. These provide a compact, cost effective central solution working opposite standalone optical line multiplexers.

Configuration, monitoring and maintenance operations can be performed via a supervisory port, using either an SNMP management station. This is done via a dedicated Ethernet port in the device.

To facilitate system diagnostics, the PDH multiplexers feature status indicators, AIS alarm generation, recognition and dry contact closure upon link failure.




Optical interface




Output (dBm)

Sensitivity (dBm)

1310nm (standard)

-5 ~ -12

≤ -36

1310nm (long haul, optional)

0 ~ -5

≤ -36

1550nm (DFB, long haul, optional)

0 ~ -5

≤ -36

Bi-directional single fiber (Optional)

-8 ~ -14 (Tx :1550nm)

0 ~ -5 (Tx :1310nm)

≤ -30

E1 interface

Number of port: 4~16

Comply with ITU-T G.703

Impedance 75Ω (BNC)



Number of port: 1

Comply with IEEE 802.3

Support 802.1Q MAC transparent transmission, support VLAN

10/100M self-adaptable

PCM interface

Comply with ITU-T standards

Console interface

RS232/RS485, TABS protocol, 2400-8-N-1

Power supply

DC -48V (-36V~-72V), DC 48V 1+1 tekwayundancy

AC 220V ( 165V ~ 265V )

AC DC Dual Power Supply


≤6 W


19inch(OR  19"/2)  1U


Specifications are subject to change without notice
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