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Product List GD10


Product Summary:

TEKWAY-155SB is the STM-1 level Synchronous Digital Hierarchy (SDH) system, and fully complied with ITU-T standard. It has two 155.52Mb/s optical interfaces, and supports 63 E1 multiplexing and transmitting. TEKWAY-155SB also has Network Elements Timing Function (NETF) recommended by the ITU-T G.813 standard. It has the capability of 63 x 63 VC-12 Non Blocking Cross Connection and 1+1 channel protection.

It can be used as a Terminal Multiplexer (TM) or an Add-Drop-Multiplexer (ADM) to build point-to-point, ring and chain transmission network.

TEKWAY-155SB Network Element Management System is based on the unified network management platform EasySDHTM, which is designed in accordance with related recommendations of ITU-T to realize network resources, equipment configuration, alarm, performance and security management. The softwar can also support unified management on Multiple Optical-Route Non-Interconnected subnet and remote network monitoring by Internet.

Product Pictures:



◆ World leading design adopts independent Asics, with 1U single-board structure, compactness, high reliability, low power consumption;

◆ Provides 63 X 63 VC12 non-blocking cross-connect, supports tributaries Add/Drop of 1~ 63 E1, with capability of unidirectional and bi-directional multiplexing;

◆ Supports network of point to point, chain and ring, providing functions like tributaries 1+1 channel protection, etc.;

◆ Can realize independent service-assignment or mutual protection between two optical interfaces, and can build (connected with RSM-155C) various complex networks of STM-1 multi-ring, and multi-branch, etc.;

◆ Provides timing synchronous interface, implements switching of multiple timing sources like 2Mb/s, 2MHz, STM-1, etc., and output of 2Mb/s, 2MHz reference clock, supporting SSM function;

◆ Provides multiple service interfaces of E1, 10M Ethernet, RS232, etc.

◆ Provides Engineer Order Wire (EOW) interface (two-line model), with group call and dial functions;

◆ Provides D1-D3 ECC channel, network management adopting TCP/IP communication protocol;

◆ Provides F (Ethernet) and f (RS232) NMS interface, network management platform Fi-View-SDH can realize ITU-T recommendations five functions of resources, configuration, alarm, performance, and security, etc.;

◆ Network management platform Fi-View-SDH can realize software remote downloading, with software live-upgrading capability, being easy to maintain, can realize remote monitoring;

◆ Through replacing optical devices, supports ultra-long distance (< =80km), long distance (<=50km) and short distance (< =30km) optical transmission;


TEKWAY-155C Chassis STM-1 Optical Transmission System

Product Pictures:

Product Summary:

TEKWAY-155C is a STM-1 optical transmission system, whose technical performances fully comply with ITU-T and ETSI standards. The system provides up to 6 155Mb/s aggregate optical interfaces, complete synchronous timing features and a powerful non-blocking cross connection matrix. It can be used for building point-to-point, chain, star or ring networks, with SNCP features, serving departments of Telecom, Traffic or Energy industry, etc. Applications of TEKWAY-155C are:

* Cross MUX, becoming the transmission network hinge, capable of providing up to 6 155Mb/s optical ports, 210 E1 add/drop multiplexing, both high-order and low-order signals can be non-blocking cross-connected;

* TM, becoming transmission module of a large exchanger, multiplexing 231 E1, and providing 1+1 channel protection to each E1;

* Optical Ethernet bridge, becoming centralized access equipment of WAN, realizing remote connection of 88 links of 10/100M Ethernet through E1.


◆ 6-optical-port, STM-1 MADM or TM multiplexer;

◆ Support up to 231 E1-circuit add/drop;

◆ Provide Ethernet access of channelized E1 and DS3 shatekway ring;

◆ Support cross connection of all VC12 and VC3;

◆ Support SETS, it is possible to tracing the line port or external synchronization input, provide external synchronization output, and automatically handle timing source rearrangement according to the failure message or SSM;

◆ Support Path Protection and SNCP, the self-healing time is very short.

List of Fiber Modems Products:
Product Dscription
TEKWAY-155SB-E8 8E1(Single STM-1Uplink)  MSTP  19" 1U
TEKWAY-155SB-E16 16E1(Single STM-1 Uplink)  MSTP  19" 1U
TEKWAY-155SB-E21 21E1(Single STM-1 Uplink)  MSTP  19" 1U
TEKWAY-155SB-E24 24E1(Single STM-1 Uplink)  MSTP  19" 1U
TEKWAY-155SB-E42 42E1(Single STM-1 Uplink)  MSTP  19" 1U
TEKWAY-155SB-E63 63E1(Single STM-1 Uplink)  MSTP  19" 1U
TEKWAY-155SB-E8D 8E1(Dual STM-1 Uplink)  SDH  19" 1U
TEKWAY-155SB-E16D 16E1(Dual STM-1 Uplink)  SDH  19" 1U
TEKWAY-155SB-E21D 21E1(Dual STM-1 Uplink) SDH  19" 1U
TEKWAY-155SB-E24D 24E1(Dual STM-1 Uplink)  SDH   19" 1U
TEKWAY-155SB-E42D 42E1(Dual STM-1 Uplink) SDH  19" 1U
TEKWAY-155SB-E63D 63E1(Dual STM-1 Uplink) SDH  19" 1U
ETHNET Module(1XE1) 2048K    Optional
ETHNET Module(4XE1) 8192K    Optional
TEKWAY-155C Modular SDH  Rack with SNMP Management
TEKWAY-622M 622M SDH (2XSTM-4    4XSTM-1)
Specifications are subject to change without notice


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