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Product List E1 Compact MUX
Product Summary

This is Tekway's a series of G.703 E1 compact pcm mux.

Product Pictures


E1 TO 4 FXO/FXS+10/100BAST


E1 TO 4 V.35+ 10/100Bast


E1 TO 30ch. FXO/FXS

List of Fiber Modems Products:

Product Dscription
PCM04 E1 TO 4CH.FXO/FXS+1CH.10/100Bast
PCM08 E1 TO 8ch. FXO/FXS+2CH.10/100Bast+RS232
PCM16 E1 TO 16ch. FXO/FXS+2CH.10/100Bast+RS232
PCM30A(简易型) E1 TO 30ch. FXO/FXS+1CH.RS232
PCM30(综合型) 1~30CH.V0ice/E&M,/FXO/FXS/Magnet/carrier/hotline V.35/V.24/RS232/ISDN U etc(all optional)



V.35/V.24/RS232/ISDN U etc(all optional)


16-SLOT Rack with SNMP Management

STS-01 series are all 19inch 1U devices
the pcm channel can be (Voice, E&M, FXO, FXS,Magnet,Hotline,2100Hz,Carrier,etc)


◆ Drop-insert slot structure, modular design, 04/08/16/64 ch. E1 optional, convenience for expansion
supports BERT and loopback per time slot

◆ 75 Ohm and 120 Ohm optional

◆ Compatibility between CCS and CAS channels. For CAS channel, DXC can provide TS16 Signaling cross.

◆ E1 link can receive signal ≥-43dB, which is also after spanning 2KΩ impedance and 120m transmission cable(signaling mornitoring applications such as SS7 network maintenance and billing)
three types of system clocks for DXC series: internal clock, line clock and outside clock . The types of clocks are selectable.

◆ DXC04/DXC08/DXC16/DXC64/DXC128 can share the SNMP system.




E1 interface

Number of port: 3

Comply with ITU-T G.703

Impedance 75Ω (CC4)

V.35 interface

Data rate:2.048 Mbps(unframe)

Data rate: N×64K(N=1~31) frame

DCE/DTE mode selectable



Number of port: 2

Comply with IEEE 802.3

Support 802.1Q MAC transparent transmission, support VLAN

10/100M self-adaptable

PCM interface

Comply with ITU-T standards

Console interface

RS232/RS485, TABS protocol, 2400-8-N-1

Power supply

DC -48V (-36V~-72V), DC 48V 1+1 tekwayundancy

AC 220V ( 165V ~ 265V )

AC DC Dual Power Supply


≤6 W


19inch(OR  19"/2)  1U



Specifications are subject to change without notice


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