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Product List E1 Video Encoder/decoder
Product Summary

MA30 MPEG- II Video Encoder/Decoder, provides separate MA30A Video Encoder and MA30B Video Decoder, which can be integrated into one chassis to offer duplex transmissions of one video signal, one audio signal and two serial data signals respectively via its video, audio and data in/out interfaces. MA30A Video Encoder compresses and mixes the input video, audio and data signals into E1 format then outputs to G.703 interface where transmitting equipment is attached to for realizing long-haul transmission. MA30B Video Decoder restores received E1 frames into original video, audio and data signals, which are then outputted to respective interfaces.
MA30 MPEG- II Video Encoder/Decoder has standard video in and out interfaces, as means you can use industrial surveillance cameras, analogue cameras, surveillance matrix or multiplexer video splitter as input equipments, and either TV or special monitor as displaying equipments. It is a kind of simple and easy work linking MA30 Video Encoder/Decoder with monitoring equipments to build far surveillance monitoring systems.

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List of  Products:
Product Dscription
MA30A Encoder, one video, one stereo audio, 1 data, 4 E1, MPEG2
MA30B Decoder, one video, one stereo audio, 1 data, 4 E1, MPEG2

◆ Flexible modular design

◆ DVD display quality

◆ Single/Duplex transmission of 1 composite video signal with the maximum frame rate of 25 fps

◆ Single/Duplex transmission of 1 stereo speech signal

◆ Single/Duplex transmission of 2 data signals which contain current alarm signal and reversing control command.

◆ 1 * E1 communication interfaces.

◆ 19"X1U Standard can be easily mounted into standard cabinet.



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