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Product List MSDSL V.35/E1/10Base-T G.SHDSL Modem

MSDSL V.35/E1/10Base-T G.SHDSL Modem

Product Summary

TEKWAY’S G.SHDSL MODEM Adopted the advanced G.SHDSL technology, extends the E1/V.35/Ethernet digital signal on 2-wire copper line (24 AWG/0.5mm), the range is up to 5km without repeaters, user selected rates is Nx64Kbit/s(N=1 to 32). It's the best way to speed up for the loop line of the last mile access. So as to keep value from the current resources, thereby protects the investment of users.

Product Pictures

List of Fiber Modems Products:

Product Dscription
MT2000E 1CH.E1(NX64Kbps)    16PAM
MT2000B 1CH.10/100Bast(NX64Kbps)  16PAM
MT2000V 1CH.V.35(NX64Kbps)  16PAM

◆ Comply with ITU-T G.991.2

◆ E1/V.35/10/100Base-T interface

◆ E1 frame/unframe can be selected

◆ E1 Speed: 2048Kbps Nx64Kbps(N=1 to 32)

◆ V.35 speed :NX64(N=1 to 3236)

◆ With the range being 5km (24AWG,0.5mm)

◆ Local and remote loop back test

◆ Stand alone style and card style product

◆ Power: DC or AC

◆ Communicates with the third part G.SHDSL products




G.SHDSL Interface

Comply with ITU-T G.991.2

Data rate: N×64K(N=1~31)

Transmission range: 5km (24WG,0.5mm)

Mode:ANNEX A ANNEX B Freely selected

Line coding: 16PAM
Line impedance: 135Ω

E1 interface

Number of port: 4~16

Comply with ITU-T G.703

Impedance 75Ω (BNC)

V.35 interface

Data rate:2.048 Mbps(unframe)

Data rate: N×64K(N=1~31) frame

DCE/DTE mode selectable



Number of port: 1

Comply with IEEE 802.3

Support 802.1Q MAC transparent transmission, support VLAN

10/100M self-adaptable

Power supply

DC -48V (-36V~-72V), DC 48V 1+1 tekwayundancy

AC 220V ( 165V ~ 265V )

AC DC Dual Power Supply


≤6 W


19inch(OR  19"/2)  1U


Specifications are subject to change without notice
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